Praise for Making Online News


Reviews of Volume 1

New Media & Society praised the “global perspective” and “nuanced analyses” enabled by “the authors’ rejection of any deterministic perspective” in volume 11(5) [more in our blog]

Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly underlined that “each entry provides a roadmap for future research and some of the theoretical and methodological challenges and opportunities scholars will face” in April 2010.

Mediekultur, Journal of Media and Communication Research, number 45 (PDF, in Danish).

Textual & Visual Media, Spanish Jounralistic Society Journal, number 1 (review not available online, in Spanish).

Jornalismo & Jornalistas, magazine of the Portuguese Journalism Association, number 37 (PDF, in Portuguese).


Endorsements for Volume 2

Simon Cottle, Professor of Media and Communications, Cardiff University

“The world of news is fast changing. Increased competition, 24/7 news delivery, multimedia production, migrating advertising, fragmenting audiences and the rise of citizen journalism and social media all speak to the changing nature of news and news production in a digital age. We need to better understand these processes from the ‘inside out’ as well as the ‘outside in’. We need to examine the shift to producing news online and how this has trans- formed the nature of news production, reconfigured journalist practices and reshaped news values and professional identities. Making Online News expertly contributes new knowledge and improved understanding of the ongoing revolution in news manufacture—‘from the inside out’. An invaluable collection.”

Gaye Tuchman, Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut

“City by city and country by country, the news media are transforming themselves. Whether gasping to survive economic challenges or celebrating new possibilities, the denizens of today’s newsrooms live in a world that would have seemed alien fifty years ago. In a series of complementary ethnographies, this second volume of Making Online News paints a valuable portrait of international continuity and change. It is a valuable addition to the journalism curriculum.”


Endorsements for Volume 1

David H. Weaver, Roy W. Howard Research Professor, School of Journalism, Indiana University

“Offering a fascinating wealth of rich observation and careful analysis of the rapid changes in news production and distribution, Making Online News is to be welcomed as an addition to media sociology, journalism studies, and political communication. It is methodologically innovative in its emphasis on newsroom ethnography, critically insightful in challenging popular assumptions about the impact of new technologies and—most welcome– internationally inclusive in its scope.”

Sonia Livingstone, Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics

“Making Online News is a welcome, timely, and useful addition to the research on news- making and the production of media content in this new digital environment of the twenty-first century. It features chapters from a wide range of countries and scholars, including some well-known veterans…and it clearly illustrates the benefits of observational research in studying journalists in their natural habitat of the newsroom. [This] concise and readable volume … nicely fills a distinct gap in our knowledge of the daily work routines and val- ues of online journalists.”