Twelve new ethnographies in Volume 2 of Making Online News

Making Online News is back with brand new research straight from online newsrooms of Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. After the success of the first volume of the book, that has sold over 1000 copies in the first two years and has received very positive reviews from key journals, we were encouraged to make a call for chapters for a whole new volume. The response was magnificent: More than 40 researchers shared with us their recent ethnographies.

The selection process was hard, but we ended up with twelve chapters that explore changes in newsroom organization (cross-media production, transitions to digital-only, radios exploring podcasting), the development of online news genres (breaking news, feature journalism, electoral campaign coverage) and the challenges for journalism beyond the newsroom (bloggers, news agencies, user participation).

The second volume includes a preface by the editors -also available in this website- on how to teach online journalism with Making Online News, with selections of chapters about key topics on using both volumes as reading material in the classroom. The epilogue by Pablo Boczkwoski suggests the forthcoming challenges for online journalism research.

You can meet Chris Paterson at the Peter Lang stand of the ICA 2011 conference in Boston, on Friday, May 27 at 12:00 pm.

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