Enforce your brand on every flipbook

Branding is no place for compromises. Flipsnack gives you access to branded publication links and your own brand library in Design Studio. Ensure that your brand identity remains true to guidelines regardless of what documents you create with your team, and enjoy full brand control over the communication strategy.

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Brand elements presented in Flipsnack’s flipbook

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Brand your documents’ links

If you don’t want Flipsnack to be a part of the URL, simply connect your website domain or subdomain to your profile. Host publications directly on your website to remove all track of Flipsnack as a third party tool for content creation. Bring your brand forward with every chance you get and personalize your flipbook’s links all the way.

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Brand everything about your flipbooks

Reflect your brand appearance and guidelines in every area that you work in. Do that for your Flipsnack profile as well, where you can set your favicon, personalize the header with your logo, add social media accounts, and more. It’s almost like creating your own site within our platform, to ensure that everything looks according to your brand book.

Branded Flipsnack profile and publications

Flipsnack has been a great marketing solution to send & show our work with Videos, GIFS. This has helped us to engage more with customers & provides better understanding of our services. We have our own branding on our flipbooks. They have helped us to make our PDF catalogue more interactive.

Rizwana Khan
Marketing Manager

Create brand frameworks for everyone to follow

Strengthen your visual identity and save time for future designs. By setting up branded locked templates, you ensure that your brand elements are sealed in the exact position and size that you decided. Regardless if other teammates work on the same design, rest assured that no document will be sent to your clients with stretched logo or different colors than your brand’s.

Branded locked templates created with Flipsnack

Have your team in one place for brand control

If you’re interested in things happening according to your brand guidelines, then having your team in the same place for projects is crucial. Support strict on-brand policy documents by assigning teammate roles for each design. You decide what permissions to offer, so the whole team can work together, creating on-brand materials every time.

Send fully branded emails with your publications

Don’t leave any channel of your communication unbranded. When sharing a publication via email in Flipsnack, you can put focus on yourself and your brand instead of our tool with certain customization options. Personalize the logo, title, description, background color, and more. Everything your audience sees will be a carbon copy of your brand identity and guidelines.

Branded emails sent through Flipsnack’s tool

Include your brand kit in every flipbook

Convey messages with custom brand fonts

Make your brand easily recognizable by using custom fonts, uploaded in Design Studio. Having a consistent font when talking to your audience matters just as much as the message itself.

Set default text styles for all publications

You don’t want to choose the desired text style every time you create a new publication. Instead, set default text styles and use them straight from the Design Studio whenever necessary.

Create branded visuals with your colors

Upload your custom brand colors in Design Studio for easy access when designing and customizing your digital publications. Have all your brand elements in the same place.

Maintain brand identity with every flipbook you create

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