Protect flipbooks from unauthorized access

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of any business. Keep your documents safe with Flipsnack and share them in the most private way. Publish them unlisted, password protected, or share them with specific teammates.

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Private sharing options for your documents

Hide flipbooks from unwanted views

For confidential documents you don’t want visible on search engines or your profile, choose the unlisted option. The only way for someone to access your private information is through a link that you send them. Keep your PDFs safe from unwanted outside access.

Unlisted private sharing option presented with Flipsnack

Password-protect your private information

Don’t allow anyone outside your organization access to sensitive information. When you password-protect your flipbooks, you ensure that only authorized teammates can access them. Easily share the private link with the desired audience, and they’ll be required to type in the password before reading its contents.

The dashboard (UI) is excellent. Creating a new FlipBook is super easy and fast. We also love the "private" option as we are an online subscription education/training business.

James Cousineau
IT and Support Team Manager

Share privately with specific people

Share flipbooks via email

Upload a CSV with up to 1000 email addresses and never manually type in an address again. Every time you want to send a new private flipbook, simply choose this option and the recipient will get a notification by email.

Share flipbooks with readers only

Add readers in your workspace to easily share documents only with them, with a click. To add more readers at once, upload a CSV with their email addresses. When you choose the sharing option, make sure to tick the box for email notification.

Flipsnack has been a great tool for our HR Team’s communication needs. Their range of wonderful security options for our documents was the #1 selling point!

Alisha VanTiem
Sr. Benefits Administrator
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Advanced privacy settings for your flipbooks

Single Sign-On for viewers

This secure sharing option doesn’t require your employees to have a Flipsnack account, but only to enter their company’s SSO credentials, since they are part of your SSO system.

Single Sign-On for readers

Use your SSO system to share confidential information with your employees. Add readers to your Flipsnack account so you can share publications with them in a secure manner.

Remain in control of your content

Domain restriction for embeds

You have total document sharing control, whether it’s on your private profile or embedded on your website. Block embedding flipbooks on other websites and keep your content safe.

Set your profile private

You don’t have to constantly publish your content as unlisted if you don’t want anyone to have access to it. Set your Flipsnack profile private and share flipbooks only with your audience.

Protect PDFs online every time you share them

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