Expand your real estate marketing efforts

Design branded real estate brochures in a few clicks, and sell faster. Easily upload your PDFs in Flipsnack and:

  • Digitize brochures to turn them into virtual walk-throughs
  • Bring your real estate agency in one place
  • Empower agents to create on-brand brochures
  • Connect your MLS to Flipsnack
  • Share them with a click and close on properties faster

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Your real estate brochure, but interactive

Picture your static PDF brochure or listing presentation with this much interactivity added. Increase engagement by including virtual walk-throughs of your properties with 3D tours, add clickable maps of its location and immerse today’s home buyers.

Share your real estate brochure anywhere you want

The easiest, most accessible way of sharing a real estate brochure: through a direct link, copied and pasted on whatever platform you want. For an incognito option, publish your flipbook as unlisted and rest assured that only the people with a link can access your publication.

Add the brochure on your website

Keep your audience up to date with the latest listings by including the brochures on your website. Easy access and you make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Share listings with buyers via email

With just a few clicks you can send listings via email to your interested buyers. Based on their budget and chosen criteria, show them relevant listings at their fingertips.

Promote your listings on social media

Instantly reach your audience everywhere by sharing your real estate listings on social media. Grow your business and buyers list with social sharing.

Focus on your brand with custom links

To remove all traces of Flipsnack brand, brand your brochure’s link with your own domain name. Customize the link so it includes only your brand, and make it seem like that page is part of your website. Push your brand forward and make it shine with every opportunity.

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Design on-brand brochures every time

Keep your documents brand aligned by creating branded templates, easy to update with new listings. Add your logo, brand colors and fonts once and reuse the same templates for future brochures. Be more efficient while enforcing your brand with every marketing document. Lock brand elements so no one can change their position or size. To get you started, choose an existing template.

So much easier than other software I've used that's supposed to do similar things. It couldn't be any easier to use and with having a team, the team function to allow others to get in and have User access is wonderful! We love the customization available for Flipsnack documents and the option to publish documents private or public. We love every feature!

Brandy Sommer
Marketing Director

Reduce the design process to a few clicks with MLS

Forget about manually adding every listing information onto your brochure. Automatically populate your real estate brochures using our tool and save precious time for all designs. Your MLS system connects easily to your Flipsnack account, allowing you to create smart fields and to easily drag and drop information onto the desired page.

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Guaranteed total control over your designs

Help your agents communicate virtually without all the back and forth. Bring your real estate agents together in your Flipsnack account, assign them different roles and permissions. They’ll log in, access the shared templates created by admins and make the allowed changes to their properties. Have total control over who does what, so that all of your documents are on-brand every time.

See who books a home viewing

Don't lose track of your shared brochures if you want to maximize your efforts. Analyze how your brochures’ perform to discover who interacted with your materials, what type of listing presentation brings the most interested buyers. Check Flipsnack statistics for views, clicks and have all the lead form submissions in the same place.

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