Flipsnack for wholesale catalogs

Speed up the creation and distribution of your product catalogs. Reach customers and targets faster with our digital wholesale catalog solution that empowers you to:

  • create an interactive shopping experience
  • receive mail orders directly from your catalog
  • easily distribute privately or publicly
  • track catalog engagement with real-time statistics

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Estee Lauder
Save printing costs

Save printing costs

Printed catalogs are so expensive these days, and they cannot be updated once printed. Cut printing costs while updating the catalog under the same link as often as needed.

Speed up processes

Speed up processes

Digital is the fastest way to reach clients globally and a cost-efficient way to distribute. With digital catalogs, clients can view, explore, and order all the desired products in one place.

Sustainable solution

Sustainable solution

Reduce your environmental impact and carbon emissions globally. Lean towards a more sustainable way of sharing your catalogs, all by publishing with purpose, not paper.

Connect with your audience through interactions

Offer customers a memorable, interactive buying experience, and increase catalog engagement with videos, links, product tags, GIFs, lead forms, and iframe embeds. See below an example of how your wholesale catalog could look like:

Fully brand your catalog

Use custom links

Publish your catalogs under your own domain. Personalize the link of every catalog and integrate your catalog collection page into your website.

Add your logo

Reflect your brand in every detail of your catalog. Maintain brand consistency through fonts, text styles, and colors before adding your logo to the catalog player.

Design branded templates

Create branded catalog templates that are easily customized and updated by all teammates collaborating with you on catalog designs.

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branding features for flipbooks
Fabiola Vidal

We were looking for a solution to further digitalize our catalogues to have a sustainable approach, increase our reach, facilitate and speed up the distribution, integrate and maximize the usage of multimedia content which we could not with printed material. Flipsnack offered all these benefits.

Fabiola Vidal
Digital Marketing Product Owner

Simplify your B2B selling processes

Transform your catalog into a one-stop shop for your B2B customers interested in shopping in large quantities. Enhance it with shopping lists to:

  • allow customers to place orders within the catalog
  • empower the sales team to sell more products faster
  • receive all orders on a centralized email address

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Tracy Bubeck
Melissa & Doug

You can see with the figures only a month and a half since Flipsnack was live for us, a large portion of the sales in that time frame came from the shopping feature alone. The shopping feature made a huge difference and was the deciding factor for us.

Tracy Bubeck
Sales Administrator

Create once, update anytime

Save time and reduce the repetitive work of creating and updating catalogs with new product catalogs with Flipsnack’s automation. Connect various data sources to your wholesale catalogs and automatically update them with new prices, images, and text with just a few clicks.

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Easy distribution anywhere on the Globe

Share your wholesale catalog as a link online. Publish it publicly to distribute it on all digital channels, or privately: as unlisted or password-protected in order to distribute personalized catalogs only to specific customers using our various sharing options:

  • Full-view link
  • Via email
  • QR Code
  • Embed on website
  • Social media
  • Catalog download

Analyze the performance of your catalogs

Track results and make customer-centric catalog updates with the help of Flipsnack’s statistics:

  • Impressions, views, and clicks
  • Shopping list orders
  • Average time spent
  • Catalog downloads
  • Location and devices

Measure the data for each catalog or all wholesale catalogs combined and integrate Google Analytics to gain access to even more advanced statistics.

Easy to implement and scale up

Centralize all your marketing assets in one platform and easily scale up your Flipsnack account, depending on the size of your company and teams' locations:

Centralized marketing assets presented in Flipsnack workspace

Centralized marketing assets

Bring all your marketing materials under one roof with Flipsnack. Easily track what is published in different countries and make sure all the marketing materials are on-brand and up to date.

Roles and permissions for teammates presented in Flipsnack

Roles and Permissions

Bring your team together in Flipsnack and assign specific roles and permissions to each member, from administrator to editor or contributor, limiting their editing access.

Multiple workspaces in Flipsnack


Grow your Flipsnack account as you expand. Create a specific workspace for each brand you market or for teams in different geographical locations.

Inspiring B2B catalog examples created by our users

Don’t know where to start? Here are some wholesale catalog examples to inspire you to create your first interactive wholesale catalog.

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Frequently asked questions

A wholesale or B2B catalog is a catalog in which manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors showcase their products to sell them in large quantities to B2B customers such as businesses, trade partners, retailers, and contractors.

Here are a few characteristics of wholesale catalogs:
   • more complex, containing more products than retail catalogs (up to 1000)
   • have multiple tables with product specs and product comparisons
   • sometimes are personalized and display discounted prices for specific partners
   • usually are published as private and distributed only to particular customers

A quotable catalog is a digital wholesale catalog that allows you to receive quotes from your customers directly through your catalog. Quotable catalogs can also be called shopping list catalogs because you need shopping list interactions to make the catalog quotable.

Quotable catalogs are great, as they:
   • transform your digital catalog into a selling tool by empowering customers to send you mail orders directly from the catalog
   • simplify B2B selling processes, with customers being able to discover your offering and place orders, all in one place
   • can be personalized, as you can create one quotable catalog with custom discounted prices for each important client
   • can be tracked through statistics and can be updated anytime

The main benefits of digital wholesale catalogs:
   • speed up the creation process of your product catalogs
   • can be engaging and interactive
   • are easy to distribute anywhere on the Globe
   • you can receive mail orders directly from your catalog
   • can be easily updated under the same link
   • save high printing costs

   1. Plan which products to include, who are the people involved in the creation process, and set deadlines for each phase.
   2. Gather data, images, and pricing to create a catalog that reflects the offering accurately and professionally.
   3. Design the catalog in a tool like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator and upload it in Flipsnack, or create it from scratch in Flipsnack.
   4. Enhance it with interactions like videos, product tags, buy buttons, or shopping lists.
   5. Send the catalog for revisions from managers or clients.
   6. Finally, publish the catalog and distribute it privately or publicly.

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