Why you should reconsider PDFs

Even though PDFs are a staple of the digital world, they lack many of the benefits flipbooks offer. Flipbooks are responsive on any device, you can update the content under the same link, easy to share or protect, and you can see how your users engage with them. These are just some of the main advantages PDF alternatives offer.


Flipsnack is a catalyst in the transition to a more sustainable business. It combines the feeling that a paper catalog gives with interactive and easy-to-use multimedia features that take the user experience to the next level.

Fabiola Vidal
Digital Marketing Product Owner

Different ways to share flipbooks

Flipbooks can be shared as direct links through email, chat, or social media. They are also easy to access, regardless of the device or browser. With flipbooks as a strong PDF alternative, there are no bulky downloads involved, and no third-party apps are required.

Sharing options in Flipsnack

Limited sharing options for PDFs

PDFs are limited when it comes to sharing and accessing. They cannot be published directly in social media posts, and they require a download to view, so users might be reluctant to download the attachments.

PDF as an email attachment

Responsive on any device

Flipbooks are fully responsive on any device, and they maintain the same quality regardless of screen size. You get the same experience whether you view them on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Flipbook seen on mobile phone and tablet

A fixed layout

Viewing PDFs on a mobile device is challenging. Because of their fixed layouts, they often require making constant adjustments. Zooming in and out, pinching, just to have an enjoyable reading experience is tiring, and third-party apps are usually necessary.

PDF with a fixed layout on mobile devices

Integrate Flipsnack in your organization

Easy to make interactive

Making page-flipping publications that users engage with is simple when using flipbooks. It involves dragging and dropping links, videos, lead forms, virtual tours, and other interactive elements on the page.

Static documents

PDFs have limited interactivity options. Having design skills is often a must, and you might also lose some interactive features unless you export the PDF the proper way. Overall, making a PDF interactive is more complicated than it should be.

Keep the same link up to date

Since flipbooks are shared via a link, updating them is really easy. You can share it once and make as many changes as needed on the original link. This also applies to the review process. You can leave notes and comments directly on the flipbooks without creating a new document.

No easy fix for outdated content

Once you have shared a PDF, it is out there. With typos, mistakes, and outdated information included. Need to make slight changes? Make a new PDF, and send it again for each edit you make. This leads to more work and a frustrating experience for your readers.

Multiple PDF files with each update

Keep your documents secure

PDF alternatives have different security options that allow you to control who has access to your private documents. You can password-protect them, restrict access to specific readers, or enforce authentication through your SSO system.

Security options for flipbooks in Flipsnack

No control over the audience

Controlling who can access your PDF is difficult, as the security options are limited. It can be challenging to prevent a PDF from being indexed by search engines, so when you share a PDF online, anyone who finds it can access it.

PDF with password

Flipsnack has been a great marketing solution to send & show our work with Videos, GIFS. This has helped us to engage more with customers & provides better understanding of our services. We have our own branding on our flipbooks. They have helped us to make our PDF catalogue more interactive.

Rizwana Khan
Marketing Manager

See how well your flipbooks perform

With flipbooks, you can see how your readers engage with the content you produce. Keep track of statistics such as impressions, clicks, average time spent on each document, downloads, and more.

No options to measure engagement

PDFs are much more limited. You can see the impressions and downloads, but you cannot measure the engagement. Without measuring engagement, you cannot determine the impact of the content you have created.

Limited statistics for PDF files

Easier to optimize

Use advanced SEO options to make your flipbooks rank higher in search results. Set meta titles, meta descriptions, and populate the content with relevant keywords. Offer your readers a better experience while being a top performer with search engines.

Not SEO friendly

PDFs are not ideal for search engine optimization. This means that despite your optimization efforts, your PDFs might not rank as high as you would like in search results. Making a PDF SEO friendly is not as easy as it is with a PDF alternative.

A better way to generate leads

Flipbooks are the perfect tool for your lead generation campaign. Attract readers with engaging content, collect relevant data, then analyze how they engage with your flipbooks. Be more effective. Create customized messages based on their interaction.

No way to see the engagement

Understanding how your audience interacts with your content is essential but impossible when using PDFs. Once the PDF is downloaded, knowing how to approach your audience is a guessing game. This results in limited efficiency.

Turn your PDF into an interactive flipbook