Flipsnack for internal communications

Flipsnack is an internal communication tool that allows you to turn any PDF into an interactive document. Publish your private documents digitally and share them with employees in a highly secure environment. Easy to send as a direct link and easy to access from any device. Spread your company’s culture in an engaging way.

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From boring PDFs to engaging flipbooks

Reading corporate documents doesn’t have to be a chore. With Flipsnack, you can turn any internal document into a captivating reading experience. Include videos, links, audio files, captions, and other interactive elements to keep your employees engaged.

Alisha VanTiem
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The ability to add video, audio, and pop-ups has provided the HR team with a new and interesting way to share information with our employees.

Alisha VanTiem
Sr. Benefits Administrator

Create internal documents together

Internal communication involves the entire organization. From corporate documents, to company values, to brand consistency, use Flipsnack as your internal communication tool.

Organize by folders and subfolders

Arrange your internal communication documents in folders and subfolders. Make it easy for anyone from your organization to find what they are looking for in no time, even if you have large content libraries.

Collaborate within one workspace

Invite team members to work together on internal documents in your workspace. Assign roles and permissions, leave notes and comments on publications. Communicate better and work more efficiently as a team.

Protect your company’s brand identity

Brand identity starts from the inside, so make sure everyone is on the same page with your company’s values. Maintain brand consistency and create employer branding with Flipsnack:

  • Upload brand assets in a shared library
  • Create branded documents and lock the design
  • Save the designs as templates for future use

Brand assets uploaded in Flipsnack

Share your corporate documents in a simpler way

Send handbooks, internal newsletters, policy documents, or onboarding publications as a direct link in an email or group chat. No more downloads and bulky email attachments. Share the links once, then edit them as many times as needed to keep them up to date. And your documents are just as safe as they are easy to share.

Alisha VanTiem
keywords studios

The one general strategy that has shifted the HR team’s communications is the elimination of bulky email attachments, instead including links to our flipbooks within the body of the email.

Alisha VanTiem
Sr. Benefits Administrator

Securely publish documents with Flipsnack

We know the importance of security, so we have created safe ways to share your internal documents. Using Flipsnack as an internal communication tool, you can rest assured that your handbooks, employee benefits guides, newsletters, or onboarding documents, reach the intended audience only.

Password protected

Restrict access to private internal documents. Share the link with your team and ensure no one can access the document without the password.


Share your private documents with specific trusted people only. Enter their email address, add them as readers, or allow access through your SSO system.

Use SSO for internal communication

Use SSO as an extra layer of protection for your private corporate documents. Allow access to internal documents directly through your SSO system without a Flipsnack account. Or disable standard log-in, and approve access to Flipsnack accounts only through SSO.

SSO user provisioning

Flipsnack helps us improve our internal digital communication. The features in Flipsnack make our collections and functionalities come alive and intriguing, helping us promote every level of detail and design concept, as well as material innovation to our store staff globally. From the beginning, Flipsnack has understood our priority of IT safety first, and their internal developers have worked to meet our high requirements.

Therese H. Lindeløv
Creative Content Manager, Global Product

See how your internal documents perform

Use statistics to improve your internal communication strategy. Measure clicks, impressions, average time spent, interactions, and more. Integrate Google Analytics into your Flipsnack profile for access to more in-depth statistics. Track data and create the perfect content for your employees.


Frequently asked questions

Flipsnack is a complex digital publishing platform that can be used both for internal and external communication. You can create, share, and publish easily and securely interactive internal communication documents such as employee handbooks, internal guides, company newsletters, and so on. But you can also use Flipsnack for external communication. Within minutes, you have the possibility to create brochures, flyers, magazines, catalogs, and other types of publications that you can share by choosing one of our various sharing options.

There are some tips you should take into account in order to increase your employees’ engagement with the help of internal communication documents. First of all, you should create and send these publications as frequently as possible. Then, you should always insert interactive elements such as links, videos, iframe codes, captions, tags, etc. Also, insert surveys, lead forms, and ask for employees’ recommendations and suggestions.

We can refer to effective internal communication when we’ve achieved our main purpose: all employees have read the internal materials sent to them. With Flipsnack, you can verify this by tracking your team’s activity through individual statistics. There, you’ll have access to the total number of clicks, impressions, page visits, and even the average reading duration for each document.

Corporate internal communication is important for several reasons. Clear internal communication builds trust within the organization. Employees feel included when they are informed and in the loop with the latest changes. Higher trust leads to a higher level of productivity. People are more likely to work more productively when they are aware of the goals a company has set. Corporate communication also increases overall productivity, as it eliminates misunderstandings. An organization cannot be successful if communication is disastrous.

Create internal documents your employees will enjoy reading

Turn your PDF into an engaging experience