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Converting from physical books to ebooks can be a bit scary at first, because there are unknown elements. But the benefits you enjoy from creating and putting together ebooks far outweigh the research you have to make before. In the context of everything getting digitized, plus the pandemic, authors encountered an obstacle in getting their books published and into their readers’ hands. People nowadays tend to read everything online or on their Kindles.

With that being said, let’s dive in and see what are some of the specific benefits of creating an ebook for business purposes. Flipsnack is the right tool for converting your boring PDFs into interactive ebooks or simply choose an already made ebook template and customize it fully. There is a wide collection of editable interactive marketing strategy eBook templates available for you in the Design Studio. The interactivity feature is the most important feature you can include in your publications. We have many great examples, filled with guidelines, like this interactive ebook template. Go-to-page buttons were used here, for easier navigation, as well as spotlight effects for enlarging certain pictures. More than the elements you include, it’s about the reader’s experience and what they are left with, after skimming through your ebook.

For a SaaS, the use of a well written ebook can be strategic. The acquisition of organically generated leads is made fairly simple by offering these ebooks in exchange for a couple of personal details. This information can be related to their job title, so you know what type of content is relevant to them. Or info about their company, from where you can find out approximately how many employees it has and what type of product offer would be a good fit.

However, keep in mind that you’d still have to write your ebook really well, so you can follow up on the promises you make before someone fills in that form. Otherwise, you lose credibility and they won’t consider you as a solution to their problem, not now, not in the future.

With all these perks and advantages in mind, head over to the Design Studio and browse through our existing interactive ebook templates. Choose one that represents your company’s overall tone and simply drag and drop information into this publication. For example, take a look at this customizable interactive marketing eBook template and use it to reflect your business. In this friendly interface, you can easily rearrange elements on any page until you reach the desired result.

Your branding kit can easily be added to any publication, from logo to custom fonts and a color palette. Simply upload any of these elements in the Design Studio and use them as you please. Maintaining brand identity is crucial to building and strengthening your image, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Don’t forget to add details about the author/s and about your business, using this great marketing opportunity to the fullest. Depending on the subject you tackle, include pictures, which help break the text and perhaps statistics and other relevant graphics for your readers. Make sure your targeted audience knows about your online presence by including social media buttons on the back cover’s publication. A great example for this mention is a social media marketing eBook template we have available, packed with more guidelines.

Once everything is put together and ready to be shared, Flipsnack has an easy process of distributing your content online, since the “ebook” word literally means electronic. More specifically, you can embed your publication in your company’s website, or copy paste the full view link, and allow anyone to access it.

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