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If you work in any industry, you probably wondered how can lookbooks help my business? I’m glad you asked. Lookbooks are an efficient way to showcase your new clothing line or other products, but it’s more than that. With Flipsnack, you can take things to the next level by choosing an interactive lookbook template and personalizing it to match your style. You can start by creating business lookbook templates, to which you add your own product pictures. For example, if you have a photography business, design a photography lookbook template to display your work. If you’re an interior designer, opt for making an interactive interior design lookbook template where clients can browse through your previous projects.

No need to get overwhelmed by doing this for the first time. Simply enter our Design Studio, choose a tabloid size to have a wider canvas for showcasing your collection. Then, upload your pictures and add product tags directly in your fashion lookbook template and convert your readers to clients. Our goal is to simplify your process and to help you see an increase in your sales sooner rather than later.

There are two ground rules when it comes to creating your fashion lookbook template. First, make sure to invest in high-quality camera equipment, since pictures are the first contact your potential client makes with your brand. Second, remember to keep the design simple, because in this case, less is more. If you want to add more pictures on a page, but don’t want to overlap them, use the spotlight effect to enlarge smaller images. We have carefully crafted numerous fashion lookbook templates for free, with a focus on huge visuals, and little text.

An impactful collection of pictures displayed as a lookbook will reflect your branding, while representing your products. When opting for a digital lookbook, one advantage is saving printing costs, which can otherwise add up to a significant amount. When you’re done working your magic on the interactive lookbook template, don’t forget to add social media buttons at the bottom, which readers can use to spread the word. In the end, you’ll be left with a flippable digital lookbook, with the power to take your business to another level.

However, you can choose to take a different approach and pick a printable lookbook template. With this option, you can create your lookbook in Flipsnack and then download it as a PDF for print, in case of offline use. It really doesn’t get easier than this. What are you waiting for? Start using our professional lookbook templates right now!

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