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Be it a brochure, magazine, book, catalog or even photo album, a well-designed and professional cover is a must! Even if it’s said not to judge a book by its cover, we all know we do it. No need to hide anymore, we are all in the same boat. In case you need help to design a cover that’s both thrilling and informative, Flipsnack is here for you! We offer you an abundance of free cover templates for any occasion. We assure you, your cover is going to be very attractive and catchy for the readers. No matter what kind of cover you need to create, Flipsnack is always at your disposal to help you make the best cover design ever! All of our cover design templates are also easily editable and fully customizable. With so many options, it’s super easy to design something that’s truly unique and special. Impress your readers with professionally designed ebook and magazine covers or effortlessly make one yourself. With Flipsnack you can easily customize your covers to attract more readers and increase your sales.

With Flipsnack’s plethora of cover design ideas and easy editing tools, you can create your own design cover within minutes! As we’ve said before, it can be any kind of cover, we have plenty of everything. Choose one magazine cover template that will totally bring popularity to your brand. Are you passionate about cooking, recipes and desserts? Do you want to share your tips & tricks in your new book and have no idea how to impress? How about stand out from the crowd by picking up a cookbook cover template from Flipsnack! Design your own book cover now! If you’re a talented photographer and want to emphasize your best work from the start, use one beautifully designed album cover template from us! There are also another cover design templates suitable for various publications: brochure covers, book covers, catalog covers and even presentation covers. Try them now, they are all waiting for you!

First of all, you have to find a cover template to match your content and purpose. Then, design the cover in such a way that people will be attracted by it and will wish to read the entire publication. Browse through our stunning library to discover the suitable pictures for yourself or simply upload your own images. Feel free to change the filters, the fonts, and the colors. You can also add captions and text if you want to. Our editor is super friendly, it’s like a child’s play. Once you’re done with your cover layout, download it, print it and add it to your printed publication. Or share it on social media with your family and friends. As simple as that! Whenever you need some cover design inspiration, access Flipsnack!

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